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Leonteq AG (SIX: LEON), the independent technology and service provider for investment solutions, today provided a management update for the three months ended 31 March 2016. This is the company’s first such quarterly update, aimed at increasing transparency between its annual and half-year results announcements.

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Leonteq Shareholder Base

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Leonteq AG (SIX: LEON), the Zurich-based independent technology and service provider for investment solutions, has been informed that Notentstein Private Bank Ltd transferred 3,188,901 Leonteq registered shares to its parent company Raiffeisen Switzerland Cooperative. Raiffeisen Switzerland now holds 3,474,171 registered shares, or 21.8%, and Notenstein Private Bank holds 756,233 registered shares, or 4.7% of outstanding Leonteq shares. The Raiffeisen Group’s total equity stake in Leonteq remains unchanged at 26.5% following this internal share transfer at Raiffeisen, which according to Raiffeisen Switzerland was effectuated at book value. The composition of the shareholder group centered around the Leonteq founding partners and the Raiffeisen Group, which holds a total stake of 48.1%, also remains unchanged.

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Leonteq, Avaloq, DBS and Numerix join forces

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Avaloq, DBS, Leonteq AG (SIX: LEON) and Numerix have signed a letter of intent for the implementation of an integrated multi-issuer investment products distribution system ("IPDS"). The cooperation will enhance the offering and distribution of structured investment products. Through this initiative, Avaloq connects the IPDS to the Avaloq Banking Suite, with DBS as the pilot bank. For the first phase, the new platform will focus on the Asia Pacific region.

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